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Analyzing a Content Inventory

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Publisher : Girijan Raghavan

Course Language : English

Content inventory is now an essential part of every content project. A content inventory is a detailed representation of all data contained in a website.

A Content Inventory is required to assess the existing landscape of a website. Content inventories provide all data required for making a realistic estimation of a content project both in terms of money and resources. It helps a content marketer to identify  patterns of content structure of a website. Content inventories are of great help for migration tracking of a website from an existing one to a new design.

This course will provide you insights to a content inventory process in a content project. It will also illustrate the importance or rather relevance of a content inventory in a content project. 

You will learn from this course all the important elements that play a role in  a content inventory process. 

By the end of this course you'll learn all the essential points of a content inventory process which you can use to optimize the content published for all your business ventures.