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How to Quickly Build an Effective Survey

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Publisher : Jason Byer

Course Language : English

About the Course

This course will provide a quick but thorough overview how to build effective surveys. This will give you the confidence to collect data on your next project to determine the course your business or startup should take.


1. Importance of the survey

2. Selecting the target audience and sampling

3. Asking the correct questions

4. Deciding compensation strategy

5. Deploying the survey

6. Interpreting the results

About the Instructor

Jason Byer is a marketing enthusiast who enjoys partnering with businesses to grow their revenue. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to help clients build confidence in their approach to marketing. Jason cofounded a startup advertising company after creating a smartphone app for digital branding. He currently works in digital marketing and project management within the promotional products industry as well as partnering with startup and established businesses to help with marketing and branding.