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Lead Generation Without Opt-in Forms using Wordpress|2019

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Publisher : Hamza Mushtaq

Course Language : English

These days people still use those old opt-in forms that allow their audience to sign up by submitting their name and email address but the time is changing as people are getting more lazier in typing their information in the opt-in form. They either skip the opt-in or just enter a secondary or fake information which decreases conversion rates on your sites.

In this course I'm going to teach you how you can tackle this problem and let your audience sign up to your opt-in without having to put any information manually. They just need to click a button and the tool will capture their email address so its a win-win situation situation for both. We get their information and they don't need to manually fill any form.

The tool that we are going to use is even going to allow us to Generate Leads Offline so this is the World's first tool that allow us to generate leads with single click and in offline mode too.

So by using this tool you can get a conversion rate of upto 500% as compared to normal opt-in forms.

After that you will learn how you can create a landing page using wordpress that will really convert your audience into your permanent subscriber using this tool. With Wordpress it is going to be very easy to create opt-in forms that don't use typical fields that does not help in conversion.

No matter who you are, I guarantee you'll learn at least one thing from this course. I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the material so there's no worry if you're not sure how to take all of the information and apply it to your life. So sign up now!

Talk soon,

Hamza Mushtaq