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The Mat lab in instrumentation and control

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Publisher : Engr Ali Raza

Course Language : English

In this Students who belong to Mechanical Engineering as well as Electronics who want to learn Instrument and Control .

The course outline bellow

Lecture and Mat _lab Course Outline instrument and control

  1. How we find Transfer function on Mat_ lab

  2. How We Check Stability Of Mechanical System

  3. Simulink of 2DOF and 3DOF of mechanical system

  4. How we solve Block Diagram on Matlab.

  5. How we Draw 2d Graphs on Matlab

  6. How we draw 3 D Graph on Matlab.

  7. Response of Second Order System.

  8. Finding Tp, %OS, Rising Time from pole Location.

  9. Laplace and Inverse Laplace

  10. partial Fraction Expansion on matlab

  11. How we Check Stability & Routh Hurwitz Criterion

How we determine Roots and Poles of System