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MQL4 Tutorial Basics 2 - programming Metatrader 4 Robots

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Publisher : Raimund Bauer

Course Language : English

Trading is simple?

Learn how to create a forex robot for Metatrader 4 !

  • Do you make 90 percent of your losses because of emotional reasons?

  • Are you still a hope trader - hoping that something will work somehow?

  • Do you still believe in so called experts ?

Do you want to improve your probabilites?

  • Automated trading can take the most emotional risk factor out of the equation - YOU!

  • I always encourage my premium course members to start with a free demo account

  • Now you can become a member of the free MQL4 TUTORIAL BASICS course

  • Improve your trading results and get started with automated trading for Metatrader

You can train your computer to trade 24/7 according to your rules!

  • Your computer never needs to sleep

  • Your computer never needs to go to work

  • Your computer never does revenge trades

  • Your computer never misses a trading signal