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Blockchain 101 Beginners Free Course Bootcamp Cryptocurrency

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Publisher : Shivgan Joshi

Course Language : English

Blockchain 101 Beginners Free Course Bootcamp Crypto (Free Online version of the Course taught in Blockchain 101 Bootcamps of NYC by Shivgan Joshi)

Blockchain Smart Contract Investing in Crypto 101 Free Beginners Course Bootcamp. Launch your ICO & Investing in Crypt. This course will help you understand the terms in blockchain world, launch your coin and value crypto investments. This course is build using the feedback, learning, interactions done at Blockchain 101 classes taken by Shivgan Joshi in NYC, New York

Get started with the most out of cutting-edge blockchain technology using the hands-on examples with experienced instructor. Mix of coding and games to better understand the history, need and implementation of various computing protocols.

Do not worry if you are a non-technical person, we explain the concepts of blockchain from scratch, with simple words and real world analogies which make the material easy to relate. And then we will walk you through comprehensive examples in Blockchain using fun games!

No matter your technical background, interested in blockchain technology and decentralized applications technology as well as anyone planning to start developing blockchain solutions.

You will learn:

  1. Blockchain terms: Hash, Timestamp, Mining, Consensus, and Proof of work

  2. Creation of Chain - understanding the Genesis block

  3. Setting up Ethereum Blockchain ICO Environment

  4. Solidity high-level language for implementing smart contracts

  5. Broad DApps Decentralized Applications

  6. Investing in Crypto

Course developed at the place where the action lies New York, New York!!