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Digital Independence using STEEM Infrastructure

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Publisher : Philip Campbell

Course Language : English

STEEM has been running for two years now, been through twenty hard-forks and is currently in a lean optimising period with  major optimization to the core witness code. once completed this could  lead to making it much easier for an average user to host their own  witness nodes and applications.

In this course I’m going to share FIFTY+  decentralized steem applications and services that I believe make a  solid case for taking a look at using existing steem infrastructure for  your next web project.

It’s a powerful turnkey infrastructure with  hundreds of applications already running with active daily users, with a  steem account you can take part in all of these hundreds of apps with  just the one steem connect login as well.

I’ve spent the last two years  blogging on this platform, it’s helped me out through some hard times  and i'm always trying to put value back in. this course is to contribute  as i onboard content creators who i value on other platforms bringing them in via the amplify project - a project in development for well over a year.