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Viola for Beginners: Part 1: Introduction to straight bowing

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Publisher : Mark Pedus

Course Language : English


In this chapter we will start with learning to make a beautiful sound.  Straight bowing, as it is called, can be tricky to master, so I edited and recorded 7 progressive exercises by Nicolas Laoureux for you to practice along with. 

Along the way you will learn:

  • How to hold a violin and bow in a relaxed manner

  • How to tune your violin

  • How to use a shoulder rest

  • Right hand flexibility and strength

  • The names of all four strings

  • How to create a beautiful sound on all four strings

  • From easy to complex string crossings

  • Several different rhythms

  • Slurring strings

  • Double stopping

After the third exercise, you can continue working parallel with Chapter 2: The finger patterns