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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Part 1 ( Fundamentals of Cloud)

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Publisher : TISYA Software Solutions Private Limited - Ramkumar Swaminathan

Course Language : English

In this course you will learn about the concepts of Cloud COmputing and the various service offerings provided. Cloud computing is a generic concept and there are many providers with different services. At the core, the concepts remain the same, the terms used by each provider may be different. You wlll get a clear understanding of the various terms associated with cloud computing.

You will also learn some fundamental concepts of Virtualization and Basics of Oracle Cloud.

There is also a video giving you a comparison of AWS vs Oracle CLoud IaaS offering and a video about the offerings in Oracle Cloud.

You can get the course slides at Amazon Kindle titled Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Part 1 ( Part of a Book Series Titled Unravel OCI)