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Start Your Security Career From Scratch

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Publisher : Brandon Spencer

Course Language : English

This FREE course is designed to help you build a successful career in the fastest growing, multi-billion dollar industry:  Cyber Security.   

Designed for those who:   

  • Have NO experience working in technology, cyber security, or any other environment.   

  • Want a rewarding and fulfilling career that pays a REALLY good salary    

  • Work in IT or another field and want to transition into cyber security   

  • Tired of struggling to get a job in cyber security with no luck   

  • Know you want to work in cyber security, but don’t feel like you have what it takes.

“This course is amazing!!! I am actually creating my career path based off of this course. Otherwise, I would have not known where to start. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!” - Ahmad

FINALLY…you can break into this RAPIDLY GROWING industry!     

Maybe you’ve struggled with:   

  • Getting a good paying job   

  • Working crazy hours just to make ends meet   

  • Or searched all over the internet to try and crack-the-code to getting a cyber security job.   

"...Finally, after years of general labor and/or just above minimum wage paying jobs, I am able to get my foot in the door of the tech industry. Just wanted to say thanks." - Sam

Are you ready for a change?  Are you tired of:   

  • Reading endless websites and articles   

  • Watching countless YouTube videos   

  • Hiring career coaches   

All in the hopes of getting a job?   

How has that been working out for you so far?  Not well I bet.     

Because your career is a HUGE puzzle of 1,000 pieces and it’s hard to know what goes where.     

You’re search ends right here!   

With this program…that puzzle is gone forever.  Learn how to:

  • How to research, find, and get a job in cyber security   

  • Taking action to develop the skills and capabilities you will need to become a REAL working security professional   

  • Working your way towards a successful security career   

Let me tell you what’s in this system:   

  • 5 focused training modules and 10 lessons designed to get you results…with topic like:   

    • Finding the RIGHT Cyber Security Job   

    • Important skills and capabilities   

    • Education and Certifications   

    • Planning your security career goals   

    • Actionable work assignments

    • Downloadable guides and templates 

    • FREE access to community

    • And more…

“I am loving the pace and clarity of information given so far. I feel like I can do this with little stress and frustration. Thanks” - Ninette 

“Awesome instructor” - Pete   

“Instructor seems confident. It gives me confidence.” - John   

“Brilliant. Step by step. Highly recommended. “ - Olufemi

Imagine yourself:  Getting paid an AWESOME salary and having a steady career for MANY years!   

Picture yourself:  Being a respected member of the IT community and stopping attacker’s cold!   

Believe in yourself:  Because you can do this!  And I can show you how.   

Join now, and let’s get started!