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CCNA Ultimate Subnetting and IP Lab

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Publisher : Jeff Diamond

Course Language : English

Subnetting can be a stumbling block for students new to IT. But in my Ultimate Subnetting and IP Lab you will learn a simple 3-step method that will allow you to subnet, reverse subnet and even subnet a subnet, quickly and accurately every time. In addition, you will learn about the most popular types of IP address methods.

Get a head start on your IT studies and career, by learning the key points of the most popular IP addresses, and save precious exam time so you can pass your exams.

This course contains:

  • Basic network overview

  • Subnetting: why do we do it?

  • Ipv6 addresses and how to abbreviate them

  • MAC addresses and how they are used in switching

  • Loopback addresses and their uses

  • Can we make up our own addresses? And why we should always follow the RFC and IANA standards

  • IPv4 addresses, RFC1918 and IANA approved ranges, default masks, and how binary plays a role

  • Subnetting Lab with examples

  • Exam Strategies