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Discord bots development in nodejs for beginners

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Publisher : Erik Petersson

Course Length : 4 hours

Course Language : English


Hi there, Discord bots development in nodejs for beginners is perfect for you. In this course I will teach you how to quickly build Discord bots that manage simple tasks. We're going to have a lot of fun!

The first bot is very simple, we connect a bot to a server that responds to a command.
Bot 2 requires math, we're going to build a RNG, Random Number Generator.
Bot 3 I will teach you how to compare dates and calculate time remaining between the current date and a future event date.

Bot4 is simple, we will study the object that is sent when the bot reads messages and then specify a channel to log a message in.

Bot 5 is my favorite, this bot will analyse object data and display object data details such as amount of members in a server, who the owner is, the amount of bots and real users and much more. We're going to focus on analysing the object and then print data.

This course is free.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone
  • Beginner