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The complete NestJS developer. Enterprise Node.js framework

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Publisher : Dawid Dominiak

Course Language : English

NestJS is fresh, easy to start and challenging to master node.js framework drawing on the best SOLID patterns but written to create modern applications. There are dedicated modules such as GraphQL module, WebSockets module, MicroServices module.

NestJS documentation describes mature patterns and tools broadening developers horizons, like CQRS, OpenAPI, Prisma etc.

If I could say something to myself at the beginning of my career, I would advise to learn the mechanisms of mature frameworks and read Uncle Bob’s books.

I love node.js and NestJS is one of the best parts of it.

This course will guide you from the beginning to the most advanced use cases. I intend to constantly update it to be up to date with your needs and all the news. Let's create the best complete NestJS course together.