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10 Steps to an AwesomeSauce You! (Step 5)

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Publisher : Rajkumari Neogy

Course Language : English

This section is called Axiom of Love and it is the fifth of ten sections. The old adage we cannot love anyone until we love ourselves is quite true. That adage is equivalent to the aircraft rules prior to take off - Flight attendants always remind parents that if the airplane cabin loses pressure, you should apply your oxygen mask first, and then your child's. This is because a parent without oxygen is likely to pass out before getting the child's mask in place. For the Science track, we look at the chemicals released in the brain and their effects. How more oxytocin in your life is vital to your happiness. In the Psychology track, we probe the notion of 'undefended love' and how guilt and innocence play a huge role in our day to day behaviour. And in the Spirituality track, we embrace Course In Miracles, a completely different angle to look at love.