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An Essential Guide to Eliminate Stress 'Chopra Instructor'

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Publisher : Marie Atkinson

Course Language : English


1. Understanding stress.

2. Take a journey with me into the subconscious mind to reveal limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns.

3. Learn powerful skills and techniques to master stressful situations and make lasting changes.

We are all continuously subjected to challenges and they can all really seem like its me verses the world. But its not.

Whatever the situation out there, it’s actually you verses you.  Stress, anxiety, worry, frustration is not out there, its inside of you.

This is a quest I have been on, researching and learning about, for the last 12 months. Everywhere you look people are on an emotional roller coaster, they're in a hurry, wrapped up in such a stressful life, living each day in anticipation of some worst-case scenario that they're missing all the incredible opportunities in this beautiful present moment called NOW.
So in this video series I'm going to walk you through:
1. Understanding what exactly is stress and are external events, people, situations really the cause of this crippling emotional roller coaster or could it be something else?  I'm going to take you into a little science, a little physiology and so you can understand the mechanics of stress. Knowledge is power!  And now you are empowered with the knowledge of what stress actually is and how it works in your mind and body, I'm going to teach you 3 simple techniques to move beyond it and make lasting change in your life.

So how bad do you want to change from living with stress and anxiety to living in a peaceful state of gratitude, surrender and creativity?
This material isn't rocket science! If you're willing to put in a little work, I can help you start to make some real changes in your life.
I look forward to you joining me.
Have a beautiful day!