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Basic Abhidhamma I

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Publisher : Saddhamma Brūha

Course Language : English

This is the first module of the course on the Basic Theravada Abhidhamma. It is mainly dedicated to the explanation of Buddhist meditation with reference to Abhidhamma. We avoid complicated terms as much as possible and aim at presenting the material in a simple ordinary language. The videos are accompanied by English and Chinese captions (Russian coming soon) , moreover we provide quizzes and assessments, which facilitate the assimilation of the main information, in both (and soon in all three) languages. We find that understanding how Abhidhamma is related to meditation motivates the students in their Abhidhamma studies and make the learning more practical, therefore we start the course with this topic. 

By the end of this module a student should be able to understand in which ways Buddhist meditations are similar and different from other meditation systems, what kinds of different meditation techniques Theravada has to offer, where it leads to, and a general explanation of the ways of practice. We will take a closer look both at samatha and vipassana practices. This knowledge should help a student to examine a particular practice that he comes across, and decide himself whether it is a genuine Buddhist practice or a scam. We feel this is a very important skill for anyone who embarks on the meditation journey. And even just basic Abhidhamma knowledge is very helpful in achieving this goal.

We hope it will help you on your spiritual path and will  you closer to the end of suffering!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions and feedbacks.