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Budgeting For A Home Within Your Means

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Publisher : Peggy Chan - Institute for Financial Literacy

Course Language : English

This course is a continuation from a previous course untitled Understanding The Costs Of Buying A Home.

We will be looking at how to calculate the costs of buying a home in Singapore. This includes:

  • Options Fees
  • LTV Limit & Downpayment
  • Buyer's Stamp Duty
  • Mortgage Stamp Duty
  • Disbursement of Loan

After that, you will learn how to assess your own resources to know how much you can afford:

  • Using your Sales Proceeds
  • CPF Ordinary Account
  • CPF Housing Withdrawal Limits
  • Buying A Second Property
  • Maximum CPF that can be used

Finally, we will see how to decide on a appropriate home that you can afford.