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Create a kickass financial independence spreadsheet

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Publisher : Actuary On FIRE

Course Language : English

A beginners course to discover when you can become financially independent!

+++ NEW MATERIAL ADDED - I've added student assignments to the end of each section to help you summarize the previous material. +++

What will I learn?

  • We will create a custom spreadsheet to model your different accounts and future spending strategies to find out when you can become financially independent. The final spreadsheet will be provided.

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone!

  • But you will find this particularly useful if your circumstances are unusual or complex. If you do not plan to have a clean working/retirement transition then this is for you!

  • It will help you model multiple sources of income (such as rental income), model a partner or spouse with different retirement plans or model future one-off spending commitments like college costs

  • If you’re an independent thinker and like a lot of control as to how you model your finances then this is for you!

What do you need to know?

  • This is suitable for everyone and I show you how to do it all.

  • The course will walk you through creating the spreadsheet but the spreadsheet will get provided to you so the lessons will help you understand how it all fits together.

What we’re not going to cover

  • Treatment of taxation. All values that we calculate will be before tax. This means that if you have a strategy that is highly dependent on Roth and non-Roth savings then you may need to adjust the output.

How is this course different?

  • The key issue I found with online financial independence tools is that they are either not flexible enough, too simple or too complex, or just not transparent

  • So I have balanced the three elements of FLEXIBLE, SOPHISTICATED and TRANSPARENT to provide you with a kickass tool!