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Exploring Safe Connection in a #MeToo Culture

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Publisher : Holli McCormick

Course Language : English

In a culture of #MeToo, a movement that has hit EVERY aspect of our lives and leaving us to walk on eggshells - our very real need of social connection in the flesh has become strained, at best.  

Add to this the impact of being "connected" more to our electronics than each other and the current political state of affairs- and you have a recipe for a massive collective "disconnection" epidemic.  

This "disconnection" epidemic is leaving us to feel beyond isolated, alone and lonely.  Most of us are left brewing in a pot of hatred, bitterness, shame with an overall sense of feeling lost, helpless and powerless.


In this course, you will learn what the root cause is that is causing this "disconnection" epidemic.  By identifying this root, we can set out on a path to correct course, learning tips and tools to help re-establish healthy connection.  

First and foremost to ourselves.  For if we want to know how not to be violated - or not violate others - we have to start at home.  

By being able to fully connect to ourselves, knowing what is ours and what isn't, we will then be able to explore the outward connection to others with grace, ease and confidence.  Leaving us and the other feeling safe while creating healthy, deepening connections we know intuitively are possible.

Join me in this mini e-course to learn:

* the root cause behind the #MeToo epidemic

* where to focus your energy, time and money to begin this process towards safe connection

*  3 easy steps you can take immediately to start creating safe connection

* a few powerful exercises you can practice daily from the comfort of your own home

Now, with the help of this course, you can stop feeling disconnected from yourself, your passions and dreams and those important people in your life.  Learn how to get the connection you need while honoring your own boundaries and sense of self.