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FREE Emotional Development for Engineers and Scrum Masters

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Publisher : Michael de la Maza

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


Emotions - and my inability to deal with them - have cost me millions of dollars. They have destroyed business relationships, caused physical problems, and hurt friendships.

As an engineer, I thought that everything was about logic: Get the right answer and you win. It has taken me years to understand that is not the way life works.

In this course, I share with you what I have learned about Emotional Development.

  • Why do engineers who do well in school have a hard time at life? (Hint: School has clear goals, activities, and rules. Life does not.)

  • What models of emotional development can help us increase understand ourselves better?

  • What practices can we adopt to move from shame-anger-jealousy to love-joy-peace?

Who this course is for:
  • Engineers and Robust Scrum Masters