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Grow 10X with Your Unique Ability in 4 Easy Steps

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Publisher : Mayur Pangrekar

Course Language : English


This video course is in English.

Do you want to EXCEL in your career or as an entrepreneur?

What you get in this course?

1. 4 step easy method to find your unique ability

2. 8 questions to find clues about your unique strengths

3. Extraordinary amount of energy

4. Achieve 10 times more

5. 5 key concepts for fast growth

6. Your focus increases

7. 1 to 1 video coaching

8. 2 worksheets to do the activities

9. Knowledge of your unique strengths

Who this course is for?

* Working professionals

* Entrepreneurs

* For freshers & students

* Job Aspirants

Course requirements

* Willingness to learn new concepts & do assignments