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How it works .... codes, systems, and more! | brain training

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Publisher : Marco Saaltink

Course Language : English

In this course you will learn much more by doing, than just listening. So this is not a lecture course, mostly you have to discover it yourself! But you do get instructions, background information, and tips.

This course has the following four topics:

A. Unravel of numbers

Nowadays different number systems are used. Some are over 4000 years old, like the Babylonian numbers. Others are more recent, like Binary numbers used by computers. And then there are numbers we can't count, but are still all around us. In this course you will unravel one of these number systems.

B. Connections

These connections are all around us: in GPS systems, delivery of products, public transport, communication, electricity networks, computer data, optimizing work assignments, arranging time tables, colouring maps, and more! One of these applications is in this course.

C. Cryptography

How cool is it to break a code! But how to do this and how was the code made? There are different methods for this. Some were used during the period of Caesar and the Second World War. And others are used in emails. In this course you have to decipher relatively easy codes, but still it should take you some time to break the codes.

D. Patterns

Patterns are all around us. On walls, paintings, and in . Easy ones like triangular figures and garlands. And complex ones like the Mandelbrot set and ice crystals. What's behind the patterns and how can you make new patterns? One way you learn in this course.

Remember, the more exercises you try to solve, the stronger the connections become in your brain! This will benefit your thinking capability in your personal and professional life!