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How NOT to be unHappy in Life

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Publisher : Murali Sundaram

Course Language : English

Did you get today morning with the decision to be unhappy in life?

I am sure, it would be a big NO!

We go through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the day and anything and everything we do is to become Happy in LIFE.

In this short "HOW NOT TO BE UNHAPPY IN LIFE", I am going to share with you

  1. How you can boost your happiness daily
  2. Simple and Easy to practice tips, ideas and strategies
  3. How not be unHappy in life
  4. How you can even use your PA to become more happy

All are quick and short video lectures - less than 2 mins for you to quickly grasp the content and take action.

I am also sharing a bonus section of "why Goal Setting is a waste of Time" - This one video can change the way you live your goal based living.

Goals are Happiness when you know that your daily actions and behaviours are taking you in that direction of achievement.

See you inside the course!