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How to Set a D.A.M.N.™ Goal

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Publisher : Ethan Brooks

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English

Course Description

 This course is for the goal-setters out there. As a coach, and an entrepreneur, goal-setting is a regular part of my life and work. Over the last five years I've developed a new framework for goal setting, one I call the D.A.M.N. Goal framework (as in "What's your damn goal?). In this course you will learn how to use the D.A.M.N.™ Goals framework to create powerful goals that help focus your action, and capitalize on human psychology, increasing your odds of success by 200-300%. Discover the required components of a strong goal, the science behind those components, and a handful of valuable resources for further learning. The course is designed to be useful for people at various stages of the goal-setting process. Whether you're brand new to goal-setting, or you've already got goals, and you're trying to make them more meaningful, the individual components of this framework will help you with that.