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Learn to draw a glass with coke/ice/straw using Paintology

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Publisher : Ferdouse Khaleque

Course Language : English


Realistic drawings are the in-thing at the moment. You can find some youtube videos of some amazing artists that do realistic drawings using the traditional methods. However, realistic drawings in the digital medium is quite a rarity and this could be due to the lack of software or even the skill sets required to make such a drawing. The Android Paintology app offers some key features that make realistic drawing easier for many people. All it takes is some patience and practice with this free app available from the Google play store. You can use it on your phone or tablet and the phone is an ideal way to get used to all the features and improve some of your techniques. The tablet is better for more creative projects that require a larger screen size. Ideally, you want to use a stylus but you can use the finger too.