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Discover and Accomplish Your Goals in 2014

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Publisher : Donald Jenkins

Course Language : English


This is a process that I'll walk you through to uncover what truly matters to YOU in terms of success, and how to make it happen by:

  • Identifying what “IT” (success) is for you

    –This is a process of defining what "IT" is, and provide you clarity moving forward

  • Know and solidify your “WHY” for achieving IT –Game Changer - This will PULL you!
  • Acknowledge and Overcome what “IT” is that has, and is keeping you from succeeding (Know your Triggers, identify your Achilles heel/weaknesses)
  • Step-by-Step system to achieve “IT”
  • How to Sustain “IT”

We also provide Planning templates, apps, and online resources to help you achieve your goals. The Course material should only take you a couple of hours to complete, however there are action steps you need to be taking during the course, so it is recommended that you take as long as you need to fully complete each Step.

You must take this course, because like where you are or not, YOU are Making IT Happen. This course Puts you in control of determining What and Where that will be.