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21 Mind Hacks

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Publisher : Anupam Rawat

Course Language : English


Dear Learners,

21 Mind Hacks is all about Hacking your Mind to get the Results you want!

In this series of Life and Mind Hacks your will Learn:

  1. Tips and Techniques to get a clear understanding of Self

  2. Psychology, NLP & Mindfulness based activities to make new Success behaviors

  3. Setting up Habits & Processes in Life that are easy to follow & effortless to execute

The videos are simple to follow and have 21 Life Quotes, that will help you get an inspiration to transform yourself as a Bonus!

You will get the access to our website which has more such tools and techniques as a reference resource,

So, Sit back relax and enjoy the journey to 'Hack your Mind for Success'!

Warmest regards & Lots of Love,

Team Self Mastery Zone