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Pitch Magazine Editors

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Publisher : Rachel Khona

Course Length : 36 mins

Course Language : English


Want to start freelancing but don’t know where to start? This class is for you. You don’t need connections or a massive amount of clips to get published. What you do need is an eye for unique angles, a passion for writing, and a little bit of chutzpah. In this class you’ll learn how to start writing for magazines, websites, and blogs.

I didn't major in English. Or journalism. Prior to my writing career, I had never written an article in my life short of academic papers and the school newspaper. Now I can say I've written for The New York Times, Washington Post, Playboy, and Marie Claire among many others. Follow my simple tips and you can too!

We will cover the basics of freelancing including:

  • Coming up with ideas

  • Researching markets

  • Communicating with editors

  • How to structure your pitch

I’ll pepper the classes with stories of what worked for me. You'll gain an understanding on how the editorial process works and how to land your first assignment! 

PLEASE NOTE: This class will not teach you how to write, setting up your website, social media, etc. This class is only for how to find stories and pitch editors. The hardest part!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to start pitching