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Problem Drinking - Break the Pattern

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Publisher : Peter Urey

Course Language : English

Get an introduction to the power of Clean Language as a way of gaining insight into your personal pattern of problem drinking. By focussing attention onto the verbal symbols and metaphors you use to describe your situation, you will uncover the hidden forces driving your actions and will generate creative ways to move beyond them.

The lectures will ask the questions which a professional Clean Coach would use to guide your thinking. You will be encouraged to express yourself by comparing your thoughts and feelings with your most familiar bodily sensations and experiences. This gets you in touch with your deep sub-conscious.

Once you enter in to the spirit of the technique you will quickly recognise the potential for change. An hour of free coaching is on offer to take you to the next level. This is a great way to begin the journey to a permanent programme of resolution.

Take this course to shed light on the dark mystery behind problem drinking. If you can imagine what life might become like if you fail to take action then take this course.