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Need to Stop Procrastinating? 10 techniques to get it done!

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Publisher : Andrew Baker

Course Language : English

Need to stop procrastinating?

Self Employed and need to get stuff done sooner rather than later?

This course is about dealing with your procrastination.

 If you're regularly finding yourself meaning to get projects / tasks done but another day has gone and you haven't made the progress you promised yourself this course can help you finally get it done!

What is your procrastination costing you?

When you're self employed not only can procrastination be costing you financially but also emotionally as well - it can be such a burden - such a drain to find you've still putting it off - not progressing.

This course consists of ten different techniques each technique has its own short and to the point video. The longest video is 7 minutes long - so it's very much straight to the techniques - getting the results.

You can start to implement the techniques straight away.

There is a step by step form for you to fill out for your own individual goals which you can print out and fill in each time you're tackling a project / task you're struggling to get done.

Come prepared to take notes - I recommend pen and paper - so you can work on the techniques for your own individual goals and circumstances.

If you're looking for a course that gets straight to the - how to - deal with your procrastination this is it.

Ways to deal with your procrastination any time you need them.

I look forward to taking you through the ten different techniques.