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Success Steps to True Fulfillment and Prosperity

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Publisher : Anshuman Sharma

Course Language : English


Are to

  • To present a refined plan for understanding great ideas and implementing them in your life.
  • Most of the time we learn great ideas but soon we forget about them. This course aims to make your experience and ideas through action steps.
  • The course has been intentionally designed with weekly presentation and implementation of the ideas, which will continue for one year. The objective is to give an of time for introspection, experience and personalization of the idea so that it becomes the part of the learners.
  • The final objective is to bring a sustainable positive transformation in the learners.


Let’s talk about the people for whom this course is designed and developed.

  • This course is especially designed for the people were looking for a clear guidance for bringing transformative changes in them. Change is a complex process and it requires enough time and substantial efforts even for minor changes.
  • This course would be effective only for those people who are truly sincere about learning and implementing the ideas in their life.
  • This course is developed for the people who want to learn success steps in a simple and fun way using common language with easy execution.


  • You will learn about the techniques used by the winners.
  • If you follow the course sincerely that you would also experience several great ideas to make you successful.
  • You will feel more confident to deal with the difficult situations of your life and transforming them into opportunities.


  • The learners have the freedom to take the course as they want, but it would be beneficial that they follow the flow of the course. Once the course is complete, they can choose any topic to reinforce the concepts by listening to specific lectures again.
  • The most important part is to implement the Action Step specified with each lecture and follow the suggestions. Knowledge without execution would not be effective.
  • It would be important to complete the course, as each week would cover a crucial step of your life, providing the required guidance to refine it.
  • This course can add substantial value if you practice the ideas specified in the course. After moving to next week you must continue practicing the learnings of the previous weeks.
  • Even after completing the course you need to keep coming back for revising the ideas to internalize concepts through introspection.
  • The learners should not restrict themselves only to these ideas, they should keep looking for new success steps from their own experiences and from learning from secondary sources.


  • There is no minimum qualification required for this course. Anyone who wants to learn about rhetorical devices and is interested in bringing elegance in his/her communication, can take this course.
  • The medium of instruction is English, therefore you need to have medium proficiency in English, to get the value out of this course.
  • You need to be committed enough to complete the course and follow the specified instructions with complete sincerity.


Right Way for the course

  • To get the maximum value out of this course, you need to start from the beginning, and move step by step forward. Even though you can pick any lecture to learn, based upon your interest and requirement. But it would be great if you could follow the course with its flow, which can ensure its completion.
  • It is required that you follow the instructions as specified in each section. Following the instructions would help you to become a better learner in the course.
  • It is suggested that even if you have some brief understanding about a specific portion, it would be beneficial that you complete those topics in the course. It would act like the good revision for the topic or idea, and act as an opportunity to build a momentum for completing the course.


This course is a year long course which would be completed in 52 weeks. This course is about practicing the ideas specified in each lecture. Every lecture contains one idea which is suggested to be completed every week with implementation of the action step. Learning of the concept is simple but it’s implementation is always difficult. We will make sure to provide enough time to the learners to introspect and experience the idea discussed at the beginning of the week.

Every week will discuss a great idea and provide you with the action step four implementing the idea in your life. You can utilize your own techniques to personalize according to your needs and requirements.

The final objective is to make sure that by the end of the week you have experienced the idea discussed at the beginning of the week and have understood it in your own the context. Each week would contribute our part in your journey of transformation.