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The Charisma Factor: Ten Ways To Boost Your Charisma Skills

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Publisher : Mike Allred

Course Language : English

FREE for a limited time.  In this short course, you'll discover 10 powerful ways to boost your personal charisma skills.  Yes, personal charisma skills are learned skills. Interpersonal skills you'll be able to apply immediately in your personal, professional, and social life. Whether you're seeking a promotion on the job, more clients for your business, or a new love interest in your life, what you'll learn in this course will speed you on the way to achieving your goals. 

Here's a look at your class project after you complete this short course. Each day for the next ten days, choose one of the ten charisma skills discussed, and apply it in your everyday life.

For example, today you may choose the skill of giving sincere compliments. So, today give at least one sincere compliment to someone you meet today. Tomorrow, choose another skill and apply it. At the end of the ten days, you'll see a dramatic and pleasant change in how you interact with people, and how they react to you.