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The Mini Job Search Boot Camp

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Publisher : Angela R Loeb - Jay Markunas

Course Language : English

So, here's how it happened. It was one of those "Eureka!" moments... sort of like Archimedes' sudden insight while in the bathtub... except Jay was in the shower when he got the idea to do a 3-part seminar to help job seekers in 2009.

That idea became the Job Search Boot Camp, a live, half-day program covering important topics such as resumes, personal brand, search strategy, interviewing and salary negotiation.

And we ended up doing more than just one seminar that year. We did three... and a whole lot of Mini Job Search Boot Camps at job clubs, churches and community centers across Central Texas. During that year we also started doing live online broadcasts of the Job Search Boot Camp Show, which lasted until late spring 2011. Those shows, now only available as archived recordings, continue to drawn listeners worldwide... more than 70,000 to date.

This particular Mini Job Search Boot Camp program is not a traditional course that you would take in a linear fashion. Rather, it's a compilation of video snippets from some of our presentations, a few selected lectures from our full Job Search Boot Camp program, selected articles from our Career Blog, as well as some recordings from our online radio show and a few other goodies. Basically, we've pulled together some great pieces of what we teach in the much longer, in-depth Job Search Boot Camp courses, READYAIM & GET HIRED!

By the way, you can find all of the archived recordings of the Job Search Boot Camp Show (2009-2011) on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. And you can read more than 300 career articles at the Great Occupations website.

About the Instructors:

Angela Loëb and Jay Markunas have successfully advised professionals on career management and transition strategies for a combined 40 years. Together they inform, inspire and engage audiences with their unique approach of balancing the positive and the practical.

Feedback from clients about Jay's approach to career transition:

“Jay provides a good balance of practical advice and positive encouragement.” – M.G., Austin, TX

“You gave me a jump start after I have been bogged down by doubts and insecurities.” – C.L., Austin, TX

“Even if you are aware of the wide range of strategies he shares, you’ll come away with more information making it very worthwhile, especially for the short amount of time invested.” – C.S., Austin, TX

“I wanted to let you know that I accepted a job with NI last week. I’m excited about the opportunity….it’s a great role. Thanks for your help.” – J.L., Austin, TX  

Feedback from clients about Angela's approach to career transition:  “Angela provided me with career transition consulting and my only regret was not finding her sooner! From the help re-writing my resume, to the worksheets that helped me to understand my key competencies (very useful for competency-based interviews), to understanding the importance of networking and LinkedIn. Every piece of information and advice Angela gave me was incredibly helpful and definitely got me out of my job search rut. In addition, her upbeat and positive attitude made it an all around pleasant experience working with her. Angela is the ultimate expert at what she does.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity – Jamelyn Hart, Austin, TX

“Angela helped me get a clearer direction in my career path. In our meeting Angela assisted me in narrowing down my fields of interest, suggested some organizations to research, and helped direct me in my action plan. She provided me with several worksheets that were key in revamping my resume. Angela's career coaching has been invaluable to me, and I see a light at the end of the tunnel now thanks to her!” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative – Debbie Lester, Austin, TX