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Login with google plus using CodeIgniter in Urdu/Hindi

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Publisher : Shakzee Arain

Course Language : English

Why you always design for login to your client/users on your system/site..? Why they fill your long/short form and validate emails..? Nowadays every person is busy in his life and they don't have time to fill your forms for a single comment. It's the long procedure to create an account on your application or site, so what is the solution..?

You can create a system so your user/client can login with a single click, how it's possible..? You can create logIn with social networks system so your user/client easily logIn with a single click.

In this course you will learn how to embed third Party / External library in CodeIgniter, you will learn how to create and register your application on GooglePlus.

You will learn how to fetch the data from google.