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Most time-efficient way to develop Web Apps with PHP and ATK

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Publisher : Romans Malinovskis

Course Length : 2 hours

Course Language : English


Hi, my name is Romans and I am a professional freelance Web application developer. My clients are always amazed how fast I can develop web apps, and my secret is that to be quick and efficient, you need to use the right tools for the job.

In this course I will reveal to you how you can build beautiful and powerful Web Application and Software as a Service solutions with minimum time spent learning. 

By following my course you would get to save up to 75% of your time (or your money back)!!

Here is some details on my approach:

  • Instead of learning HTML and CSS, I'll show you how to get most out of CSS framework Semantic UI.
  • To save time building your User Interface I'll introduce you to ATK UI, a PHP framework for out-of-the-box Web User Interface.
  • Instead of teaching you how to work with servers or FTP, we will deploy projects through Heroku.
  • We will only mention SQL briefly, and instead use Database abstraction framework, ATK Data.
  • Use of 3rd party services such as SendGrid, or Trello for SMS communication.

Did you know that "writing code" is not even the most important skill you need when applying for a job? I'll teach you what else is important:

  • Understanding project requirements, setting goals and planning applications
  • Efficient planning of your application architecture.
  • Working with Github for efficient collaboration
  • Following iterative development approach
  • Avoiding Security and Data Breach problems in your applications

This course is also suited for those who do not wish to become full-time developers, but simply need to build an app.

Who is the target audience?
  • Student who wish to learn how to make modern Web Apps
  • Mobile and Desktop developers who need to build Web App