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ALM with PTC Integrity Lifecycle Management

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Publisher : Bogdan Vacaru

Course Language : English

By taking this course you will  be able to fully  understand the concept of ALM , how to implement it and how to use it in a  professional environment, by using one of the most powerful tools on the market  : The Integrity Lifecycle Management.

   We're going to start from scratch, meaning we're going to start by  debating  what is Application Lifecycle Management, why we need to use it and why is it so important nowadays in so many areas.

We're going to cover a lot of chapters which are key concepts of an  ALM setup , such as: 

  •   Requirements Management
  •   Test Management
  •   Change Management
  •   Issues and Defect Management
  •   Build/Release /Deployment Management
  •   Versioning Contro
  •   Workflow and  Documents Management 

      We''re going to practice by using  the PTC Integrity LifeCycle Management  tool, formally known as MKS which is one of the most powerful and complex  tools on the market  for ALM .

    We're going to learn how to  install the  Integrity  tools and configure them in order to have a fully functional  ALM system for our environment.

    Next, we're going to see all the  Documents and Items used in Integrity while we're going to run through the full ALM process, with clear examples and  concepts.