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Complete Advanced Uipath Bootcamp - Explore the Technology

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Publisher : Sharath Raju - sumanth veeravelli

Course Language : English

RPA skills are on great demand with very few skilled resources available in the market place.

Robotic process automation has gained a lot of attention and it’s being adopted and implemented in possible every industry.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) can be defined as a Software that mimics the user actions and executes the process to save the time and increase the efficiency.

Course Covers:

Phase 1:

  • Selectors

  • DataTable Concepts

  • Excel Concepts

  • Email

  • Exception Handling

Phase 2:

  • Working With Files and Folders

  • Credential Manager

  • Word Document

  • String Operation

  • Logging

  • Regex

Phase 3:

  • State MachinesRE Framework Walk Through

  • Invoke code activity

  • Custom Activity

  • Rest APIs

  • SQL Integration with UiPath

  • VBA(Macro)

  • Python with UiPath

  • Elastic Search Dashboard

Phase 4:

  • Orchestrator Concepts

    Note: Please reach out to us if you feel we are missing out any concept. Thanks in advance.