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Learning How To Be A Software Developer

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Publisher : Ebenezer Ogbu

Course Language : English

In this videos I describe the various things that one needs to know about in other to become a software developer.

I covered topics such as:

  1. The Industry Overview

    In this part, I covered topics such as:

    -Main activities

    -Market Sector

    -Current Industry Trend

  2. The logistics of learning how to code

    In this lecture, I covered the items one need to have to effectively learn the trade. These include:
    - Your Computer set up
    - Your Development Environment
    - Your Internet
    - Your Study Materials
    - Your Support Web Sites
    - Your Source Control

  3. The career path

    In this lecture, I talked about some of the career path one can decide to go for. These include:

    - UI / UX Designer
    - Front Developer
    - Back End Developer
    - Database Developer
    - DevOps Engineer

  4. How to get a job

    In this lecture,  I talked about the following:
    - Your CV

    - Your GitHub Account

    - Your LinkedIn Profile

    - Where to look for Job