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Authoring reliable code with Nunit

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Publisher : Green Heritage LLC

Course Language : English

In the agile world of programming, software engineers are often faced with challenge of delivering high quality code at short intervals. The code churn is so high that it is nearly impossible for QA engineers to validate code changes quickly and effectively. This course addresses this challenge by teaching you a technique to automate testing of code. Here you can learn about using NUnit test framework to write high quality tests and run it in automated fashion. It teaches you how to set up NUnit, author a test, debugging and also how can one automate it inside continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI CD) infrastructure. It also talks at length about Test Driven Development practice and demonstrates it using NUnit.

                This course is aimed at all .NET programmers who are passionate about creating high quality code. No Prior Knowledge of NUnit is needed. At the end of this course, student will be able to write automated tests for their code. Since the code is always backed by test, anyone else making code changes is also highly confident as defects would be caught by NUnit long before it goes to production. It makes engineer shine in manager's minds.

              Creating high quality code backed by NUnit tests is of paramount importance as reliable code creates trust in customer's minds. A customer is usually using software for critical operations in the business. He/She would be delighted to have a software that functions smoothly. NUnit tests enables journey to create a highly reliable software.