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SAP PO: Learn to Configure Java and SAP NWDS Software

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Publisher : Srinivas Vanamala

Course Language : English

If you are having trouble configuring Java on your local machine?

Are you looking for SAP NWDS software and need to know how to configure it properly to write Adapter Module, Java Mapping, NW BPM and Directory API?

This course will help you learn how to configure the Java and SAP NW System.

Topics you will learn from this Course:

  • Check the SAP PO Software Version

  • Understand the Difference between JRE and JDK

  • Download and Configure Java on your Local Machine

  • Download and Configure SAP NWDS

  • Configure SAP NWDS with SAP PO System

  • Understanding SAP NWDS Environment

  • Checklist to Verify the Required Software and Tools