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Coding for kids & Parents : Awareness Program

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Publisher : Robolabz STEM School

Course Language : English


What you will learn ??

  • Learn to Write Programs for the Software Robot

  • Learn to Simulate the Software Robot

  • Learn Math fundamentals through Programming

  • Drag & Drop based software to learn programming easily

  • Learn to create Technology through Programming

  • Learn about Robotics programming and how robots are made to move and turn

  • Program & simulate the Robot to draw shapes of Square, Rectangle, Hexagon, Octagon & Circle.

  • Learn the Engineering & Math

  • You will learn different programming & Math concepts in an easy way like

    • For loop

    • Acute and obtuse angles

    • Squares

    • Polygons (Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon)

    • Circles

So, Enroll for the course & Enjoy learning !!