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Master bare metal embedded system programming with AVR uC

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Publisher : Arabinda Verma

Price : $124

Course Language : English

>>> Your Search for In-depth Embedded System Programming Course ends here!! <<<

If you want to know how to kick start embedded programming skill and level up your career, read on. Hello, my name is Arabinda Verma and I have spent more than 15 years in research & software development, trained hundreds of graduates in programming and software engineering. When I ask students to tell me what their biggest challenge while learning Embedded Programming is, they all say the same thing: “Fundamentals are not clear.” To really become comfortable with embedded systems, students need guidance, mentorship, and practice. This isn’t always the case in programming schools and universities despite the high investments in time and money that they require.

This made me design this course, which will take you from the basics of embedded training to the advanced microcontroller architectures.

Why this course?

Embedded systems might appear complex to newcomers or even experienced programmers. With a different pedagogic approach, this course will help you become familiar with different aspects of this area, which will prove particularly helpful regardless of your experience in programming.

The course helps you build a sound understanding of C & Assembly programming. It discusses the architecture of the ATMega328 microcontroller and how software and hardware interact. You will gain here foundational knowledge, applied skills, hands-on programming exercises, proper guidance and mentorship.

I strongly believe that even the most complex contexts can be broken down to be assimilated by all students, regardless of their level.

Plus a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you're not satisfied for any reason.

What you will gain from this course?

You will rig-up the development board using the basic electronic components like capacitors, resistors, LEDs, microcontroller etc. And interface the development board with PC through USB-serial adapter and in-circuit programming. You shall setup the development environment on PC, configure the microcontroller and flash the bootloader.

You will learn memory management through the C compiler, microcontroller architecture, instruction execution, interrupt handling and cross-language programming. You shall implement programs using the C and Assembly programming languages and implement pre-main functionalities to bring up the development board. These topics not only introduce you to the programming but also prepare you to deal with the ecosystem of programming an embedded system.

What other students are saying about this course?

Lots of students have already taken the right decision by enrolling in the course. Following is what they are saying.

"........ Arabinda Verma has done an excellent job of making the basic of microcontroller for anyone who is struggling in developing embedded concepts. Furthermore, after completing internal's and peripherals very clear through his tutorials. It serves as a good foundation course the course I am more confident in writing my own drivers for the microcontroller. For the best result, I would suggest to purchase any hardware board of AVR architecture and implement the code discussed in the tutorials. I am also looking forward to Arabinda's other tutorial. Happy Learning :)" -Yousuf

"Awesome course for beginners to build foundation of embedded system and C programming. The best part of the course is to build the development board on the breadboard and run/test programs........." - Akash

"Very useful course to learn and understand embedded systems." - Ajaganna

Planned updates to this course

On the demand of our student’s we are continuously bringing updates that could help you more in this topic. Updates to this course are life time free for enrolled students Let’s talk more about this in the discussions section inside this course.

Update 4 (5th, Feb'19): Added EEPROM programming & driver development.

Update 3 (22nd, Jan’19): Added a section for programming challenges solution.

Update 2 (15th, Jan’19): Added section on GPIO

Update 1 (1st, Jan'19): Restructured the course.

My promise!

Now you don’t need to spend hours finding out a right course, instructor, study material for embedded programming. If you are in any way not satisfied, for any reason, you can get a full refund from Udemy within 30 days. The course comes with a ”No questions asked money back guarantee for 30 days". So, there is nothing for you to lose.

Enroll today and jump into the fascinating world of embedded systems to gain top skills and knowledge in this so-promising area of programming.