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mBot for Beginners

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Publisher : Janika Leoste

Course Length : 1.5 hours

Course Language : English


Welcome to the course mBot for Beginners!

mBot is a constructor robot with a friendly and technological appearance. 
It's a good playmate for somebody in kindergarten, but can also be a fun programming challenge for a student or a grown up.

mBot can drive around like a car, avoid obstacles, follow a line, flash colourful LEDs, play music using an octave of notes and understand when it's lifted up.  mBot is in parts in its box, which means that you can put it together from its 40 pieces yourself using the guide.  

If you haven't programmed before, don't worry - with mBot's play and programming apps you will become a skillful programmer and robot driver very quickly.

The course is divided into four parts - we start with constructing the robot and controlling it using the remote and the app. After this, we will play educational games in the app, which teach mBot programming principles.
After this programming tasks await us. 
We will finish with game ideas, mBot extra construction sets and introducing extra sensors.

See you at the course!

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners of all ages without previous robotics experience
  • Robotics enthusiast without previous experience with Edison
  • mBot robot
  • Tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Free floor space, at least 1,5*1,5 m2