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VEX IQ - The Complete RobotC Coding Starter Pack

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Publisher : Frank Gibson

Course Length : 3 hours

Course Language : English


This course will take you step by step from installing RobotC to being able to confidently program complex autonomous behaviours for your bot.

  • Program basic movements.

  • Program your robot to respond to inputs from sensors.

  • Program driver assist behaviours for the remote control buttons.

  • Learn to find common mistakes that could make your programs do unexpected things.

  • Uncover a few hidden settings in the RobotC interface that will make life easier for you.

This course is aimed mostly at beginner coders, but anyone might learn from it.

This course is the first course I made on Udemy, I fully expect to have made a mistake or two and that certain things might have to be explained better. Therefore, please comment and tell me where you feel something can be improved.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning how to program their VEX IQ robots