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Deploy Rails 5.2 with a TLD, Namecheap, Heroku, Codeanywhere

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Publisher : Ajdin Imsirovic

Course Language : English

In this video course we will:

- Buy a domain for $0.88 on Namecheap

- Sign up for Codeanywhere online code editor

- Install Rails on Codeanywhere

- Signup for Heroku and Bitbucket

- Learn how to perform some basic tasks in Codeanywhere such as restarting the container and showing our container info

- Add an SSH key to Bitbucket

- Push Cloudanywhere code and see how to deal with problems when the code on our remote (Bitbucket) conflicts with code on our local environment (Codeanywhere environment)

- Install Heroku toolbelt on Codeanywhere

- Log into Heroku via command line using toolbelt and run the heroku create command

- Bundle install without production

- Deploy our app to a heroku subdomain with a custom index page

- Add a TLD (top-level domain) to our Heroku dashboard

- Update the CNAME record on Namecheap

- Successfuly complete the deployment of our Rails app to a TLD (top-level domain)