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SEO Keywords - Khul ja Sim Sim Khazana

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Publisher : Usman Chughtai

Course Language : Urdu

Khul Jaa SimSim. Secret Code of Success.  How we can lead the World by understanding the Secret Code of 21st Century!

Learn How to get started with Keywords using Tools; SEMrush, SPyFu and MOZ.

  • Top organic keywords

  • The distribution of how these keywords rank

  • Main organic competitors

  • A map of where they are positioned organically

  • Branded search traffic

  • Paid keywords

  • Backlinks

  • Referring domains

  • Landing pages

    If you know where your competitors are spending their advertising dollars, you can decide what keywords are worth chasing.

It also gives you an indication of what sort of resources you’ll need to compete and win.

In general, keywords are used to describe the content of a work of art or a document in different areas such as art and culture, media, or industry. Today, the term keyword is primarily used in digital marketing and SEO to describe a word or group of words that internet users use when performing a search with a search engine such as Google.

Enter a starting keyword to get millions of related queries organized by groups and subgroups.

Research Competitors SEO Keywords Search for a competitor. Download their SEO keywords. It's that simple. See what they rank on and how many clicks they get.

Filter received keywords by metrics or include/exclude a keyword

Create your own keyword lists and analyze them to form a definitive keyword set

Export your keyword batches to an XLSX file or send them to other SEMrush tools

Check Competitor Backlinks by Keyword Find out which backlinks do your competitors have that you don't. See the exact links that let them outrank you on a specific keyword.

Complete Keyword Ranking History. Trace the ranking history of any page or website on a keyword. Discover the algorithm change or site optimization that caused their rise or fall.

Spy on Your SEO Competition. Keep track of every website in your SEO niche. Catch changes in rankings and content over time. Watch out for emerging competitors. With a brand’s ad history you can learn:

  • How they started the ad campaign

  • How the creative elements like ad copy and visuals changed over time

  • How all these changes led to better conversion rates and lower costs per click