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SEO for Beginners

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Publisher : Team Academy

Course Language : English

This course introduces you to all aspects of SEO: search engine optimization. How does Google (or any other search engine) decide what search result to show first? That's where SEO comes in. In this training, you will:

- Find out how search engines work, how they read websites, and what you can do to rank higher in their search results.

- Learn to understand how people find you: what do they type into Google? If you know that, you can make sure you're offering the information they're looking for!

- Understand what kind of content ranks high in Google, and how you should optimize your text for that.

- Find out why the structure of your site is important, and how to optimize yours.

- Learn how to check if you're blocking Google from indexing your site, and how to fix that.

- Understand how to get those fancy search results that include pictures, or even ratings.

And so much more! This really is the first step in understanding what you need to do so your website actually gets found. It's full of hands-on tips so you can get right to work!