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Storage Area Network with Openfiler Linux

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Publisher : Muhamad Elkenany

Course Language : English

In this course we will talk about storage concepts and we will learn step by step how to build a free ISCSI Storage Area Network with openfiler.

By the end of this course you'll have a good knowledge about Storage Area Network and you will be able to implement the ISCSI Storage Area Network in a lot of projects.

You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this course. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach.

Here is what you will learn by taking Storage Area Network with Openfiler Linux

  • Introduction about storage technologies
  • Storage Area Network Vs Network Attached Storage
  • How to install Openfiler Linux system
  • Discover features,menus and functions of each button in the management page
  • How to configure storage devices
  • How to create LUN and assign it to host
  • ISCSI concept ( ISCSI-Target & Initiator )
  • Basic concept of LVM
  • Backup & Restore system configurations
  • Demo from scratch to build ISCSI Storage Area Network
  • How to add more protection layer by using RAID

watch to understand & apply excersies to learn