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Learn WordPress without touching a single line of code

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Publisher : Prathamesh Sakhadeo

Course Language : English

This course takes you right from installing WordPress on your desktop or laptop to ultimately developing a full-fledged e-commerce store.

At no point we will be touching the code or do some programming. It's going to be beginner-friendly.

Also the plugins and themes we will be using in this course have a FREE version. And we will be using only the features that are available in the free version only.

You will learn following topics from this course.

  • Install WordPress

  • Setup basic things like homepage and menu

  • Install themes

  • Design the pages

  • Setup forms and pop-ups

  • Build e-commerce store

  • Install Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel


  • This course is NOT for intermediate or expert WordPress developers and designers. It is meant ONLY for beginners.

  • This is NOT beginner to ninja course. This course focuses ONLY on WordPress for Beginners.



His knowledge in all types of platforms and themes is impressive. His attention to detail, clear communication, and responsiveness makes it easy to learn with him even if we are located in different countries.

Manasi Kakade