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WordPress Essentials Quick-Start - Divi 4 Theme Included

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Publisher : Marc Beneteau

Course Language : English

Why is WordPress Essentials for Business (Quick-Start Edition) one of the most popular and highest-rated WordPress beginner courses on the web?

25,000 students have already participated in this course (either the Quick-Start or the Complete Edition of this course).

  • The course is comprehensive, tightly-produced, progressive and experiential. Build an attractive website A-Z using the provided sample files and reference site, then repeat for your own site(s)

  • We start from the beginning explaining how to host your site, including a free option called "local server hosting" that works well for learning WordPress

  • I will give you detailed charts of the types of commercial add-ons (Themes, Page-Builders and Plugins) that make it possible for anyone these days to make a professional-looking website

  • I will give you a copy of the Elegant Themes Divi theme, arguably the most powerful theme in the world right now

  • I will tell you where you can browse millions of stock photos and illustrations and get them for free, legally

WordPress Essentials for Business (Quick-Start Edition) is designed for busy professionals -- no technical experience is required, and we only teach you what you need to know (HTML and CSS?  Forget it).  You will  save many hours of trial-and-error in setting up your first website and  get a much better result. The course also includes valuable services offers, including our high-performance VPS Hosting offer, and one-on-one coaching over Zoom for as little as $10 for 15 minutes. Don't worry about getting stuck -- help is right around the corner.

Why bother with WordPress training? The software is simple, right? 

Well... while it is true that WordPress is relatively easy to navigate, modern web design requires knowledge of many fields -- especially the all-important choice of your theme and page-builder. We guide you through the various options with comprehensive charts and tutorials, saving you hours of research and other dead-ends. Our methodology, which involves building your site (or at least your home-page) from a template, allows even rank beginners to make attractive websites, with no tears and no regrets.

About the Course

WordPress Essentials for Business (Quick-Start Edition) is designed for small-business owners and self-employed professionals who want to minimize their learning curve and maximize their results in terms of getting leads and sales. It's more than a web design course, its a web marketing and business development course. We learn by doing as we build out an actual website, explaining and demonstrating key concepts along the way. Students should follow the instructions in the video "Get and Install the Divi theme" to get their copy of this powerful theme. Then repeat the actions in each of the tutorials as you build out your own site. You can expect to walk away from this training with an attractive website and a solid understanding of WordPress fundamentals. 

Can I really learn professional web design this quickly?

Absolutely! Of course there are many more aspect to building an attractive and functional website, which we cover in our more advanced course, WordPress Essentials Complete.